New York Attorney themed Dessert table and Cake

New York Attorney themed Dessert table and Cake


Happy New Year to all of our clients and new clientele to be!
2016 was a great year and we are more than ready for this year, 2017 to be even more productive.

This month we started off with a dessert table for a client who completed her Attorney Qualifications. She took her exams in New York and the location was combined in the theme.

The table had over 200 desserts all themed for the celebration. This included a matching Attorney themed cake, decorated with the scales of justice, law book and the judge mallet. Some desserts included cupcakes with handmade decorations, New York cheesecakes, iced themed biscuits, chocolate forest gateau and other detailed mini desserts.

We throughly enjoyed creating this table for our client and all of her friends and family. They were very pleased and appreciated all of the hard work that went into making this celebration a memorable one. They gave extensive and great feedback and showed their appreciation by letting others know about Dinah’s Desserts! We were happy to start this year off with such a great and positive celebration.