Terms and Conditions

  • Dinah’s Desserts requires a 50% (non refundable) deposit for all orders.
  • No products /services will be exchanged until full payment is received on or before the date noted for collection or delivery of product/s and or services.
  • There is a £5.00 per hour late fee charge, if you do not collect your order during trading hours (see times).
  • Dinah’s Desserts will offer a full refund for the following reasons:
    • The product/s are damaged beyond repair before exchange (delivery/transit to client)
    • If the product is not cooked properly and proof of evidence is provided
    • The service/ product could not be provided due to unforeseen circumstances/ or in the event of an emergency regarding the company Dinah’s Desserts
  • Please note Dinah’s Desserts do not provide refunds for the following reasons:
    • A client has paid a deposit but no longer requires the service/ product(s) needed.
    • If a client decides that the presentation of product(s) or services are not to their satisfaction, Dinah’s Desserts will aim to rectify accordingly, although if we feel that your reasons are warranted then we will deduct a percentage amount off of the total price (maximum 10%). However, if we feel that your reasons are not warranted, we reserve the right to offer a discount or full refund.
    • Similarly, if a client does not like the taste of services or product/s provided by Dinah’s Desserts we will not be offering a discount or refund. Therefore we recommend that you book a taster session or order a taster package to be collected or delivered for a minimal fee of £25.00.

Dinah’s Desserts – a taste of excellence, endeavours to provide the highest services and product(s)

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