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Dinah’s Desserts had the pleasure of being invited to the world vision event with one of our favourite mummy bloggers (@thegreenwichmummy). The night included a Live cooking demo and information from Selasi Gbormittah, finalist from the Great British Bake Off, and the World Vision fundraising director.


Image courtesy of World Vision (Selasi in Uganda 🇺🇬)

Celebrity chef Selasi took a trip to Uganda where he stayed with the refugees from South Sudan.  He told us about someone in particular 16-year-old Eva who came from Sudan to settle in Uganda as a refugee, we watched a video where she showed what limited food was available for them to eat.

  • 6kg sorghum/maize grain
  • 1/5kg corn soy blend
  • 300ml vegetable oil
  • 0.15kg salt
  • 1.2kg beans

Eva also spoke about how difficult it was to always cook in her conditions with the limited produce they had.  The evening actually made me quite emotional as it was difficult to watch people living in such surreal circumstances in 2017.

After the video Selasi then did the cooking demo which we then got to eat ( yummy chicken satay) he also made delicious canapés with an African twist, these were served throughout the evening.

#ShareAMeal is a fundraising campaign about bringing family and friends or even strangers together with food.  One person does the cooking at their home, and the others donate through the world vision website how much they think the meal was worth.

The night was extremely meaningful for a good cause, we met some fabulous people. To get involved you can download a pack from the world vision website also lots of information is available to help you put on your own #ShareAMeal. We plan on doing our night the first week of November, we look forward to seeing yours through the hashtag #ShareAMeal. This is such a lovely way to raise money as we all know that everyone loves food!


Selasi and Dinah at the #ShareAMeal event.

Dinah’s Desserts also #SharedACupcake with the world vision team we hope you guys enjoyed them!

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World vision event #ShareAMeal